Cinnamon plantation and processing

Cinnamon Plantation and Processing

Cinnamon Plantation & Processing

What to discover

Do this tour if you want to follow the tracks of cinnamon.

Cinnamon is a major export product of Sri Lanka and its use in both cooking and medicine are increasingly appreciated.

Spending your holiday at Bombay Bicycle Club (BBC) will give you a special insight into this little known crop because we have it right here in the neighborhood.

We provide a tour of the plantation and demonstrations of cinnamon peeling and processing. And if you wish and you are lucky you can also help them out for as long as you want to.

You can experience both the harvesting and the production of cinnamon, which is fun and very interesting! Alone the smell of the peeled cinnamon trees is like a dream. Also, you can try a little bit of the fresh crust which we really recommend.

Here you can find out how much work is behind the production of cinnamon sticks and all the other cinnamon products.

We will also show you how to produce cinnamon oil.
The cinnamon oil is used in traditional medicines, especially in Ayurveda, which is the traditional medicinal system. It has been used in many cultures for dealing with a variety of health disorders. Likewise, it is used as home remedy against insects in the house or bad smells. Come and learn more about cinnamon and its versatile applications.

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Wear not your newest clothes and take all your family for having the most fun out of this activity.

Further Information

Sri Lanka claims a world market share of 90% on cinnamon, you will find comprehensive information on the Sri Lankan Export Development Website.

Andahalena Ella Waterfall

Andahalena Ella Waterfall

Andahalena Ella Waterfall

A nice small waterfall in Elpitiya.

Perfect for a half-day trip or day-trip if you also stop at a tea plantation and rice field.

Not very well-known among tourists.

Beautiful landscape and great adventure.

What to discover

The way to get there is an adventure, especially for kids. First, you follow a dinosaur footpath until you get to the forest. In the jungle you jump over some puddles, walk through a creek, cross several small mountain rivers and climb over rocks in order to reach the waterfall. Then you can either take the stairs or climb to reach the top of the waterfall.

A picturesque pool forms at the top, before the water cascades downwards. It is surrounded by trees. Truly beautiful and it’s just a short walk of about 20 minutes, where you will spot a lot of animals like tropical birds, chameleons and monkeys, too.

Unlike other waterfalls, here a bathing pool can be found at the top of the falls, where you will also meet some friendly monkeys.

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Hiking shoes for better grip and towel for taking a bath.

Take some bananas with you to feed the monkeys.

Off The Track Bay to Bay Hike

Bay To Bay Hike in Kosgoda Beach Area

Off The Track - Bay to Bay Hike

A great hidden adventure. Easy hike. Alone or with the whole family.

Half-Day Trip / Great Viewpoints!

What to Discover

Not far from the Hotel the endless long beaches are interrupted and followed by a few quite small bays with almost no touristic traffic. 

That’s why we tell you to discover with us some of the the nicest small bay’s at Kosgoda beach area, while hiking with a local host who knows all the stuff.

Hiking from bay to bay via the beautiful rock cliffs, through a temple and discover a lot of animals like fishes, craps, birds and black monkeys.

PS: This is discovered and a personal favorite of one of the BBC owners. He love it!!!


You don’t need hiking shoes. Just do it barefoot or in flip flops 😉

Stock some drinking ware, camera or phone and while hiking your mood will get tropical.

Don’t forget swimming clothes, small bay bathing experience is great!