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Kande Viharaya Historical Temple

Kande Viharaya (Mountain Temple)is famous for its big buddha statue, but it also has couple of more temples in the same area.

This temple is a major place and very famous among Sri Lankans.

WHAT to discover

Take a tour to the Kande Viharaya Temple to visit this historic site in Dharga Town.

It’s better to go to this place an hour or two before sunset, plan to spend around 3 hours. You will have enough time to walk around and look at all the different buildings and places, next take a walk around the old Bodhi tree and sit down at sunset time for the monks prayers.

Our guides from Bombay Bicycle Club are passionate about sharing all knowledge about the history, the philosophy of Buddhism and the different religions with you. 

Don’t forget to buy near the parking place the proper items for a real temple visit experience. You should have oil, wicks, flowers (they are so great always) and incense sticks.

This amazing mountain temple is topped by one of the tallest sitting Buddha statues in the world. 


Dress code for visiting a temple: please wear long clothes. A jeans, a long dress or use a scarf. Just make sure that you are fully covered.

Special tip: At the exit before walking down from the mountain there is soft ice cream available. Always yummy as a reward after the temple visit. 

Further Information

You can read much more historical information from the Wikipedia article of Kande Viharaya.