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Madu River (Ganga) Boat Safari

A fun river tour with family or friends. 

The Madu River Safari is a popular activity in the area.

WHAT to discover

This tour takes around two to three hours and provides you with the chance to travel the secret passages of the mangrove forests and discover some out of 64 islands like the bird island, cinnamon island, fish-spa island and temple island.

You will spot some tropical birds and a few crocodiles if we’re lucky.

Every now and then a small boat stops next to you where you get the opportunity to hold a baby monkey and or a baby freshwater crocodile in your arms. 


Take sunscreen, enough water and some money for the various little attractions made by local people with you!

Further Information

Some more background information you find at the Wikipedia article. For much more pictures and reviews just Google for Madu River or Madu Ganga.