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Ariyapala Mask Museum & Workshop Ambalangoda

As an alternative program to beaches and other outdoor activities you can join us to visit to a museum.

For example the awesome Ariyapala Mask Museum & Workshop in Ambalangoda might be best fit for you.

WHAT to discover

It is one of the greatest places where you can discover local art design and production.  In the 7th generation this place is nice and authentic museum and workshop for traditional masks and puppets. 

Guidance are offered for free.

Within the workshop you will be shown how a mask of a tree trunk is carved out. And further treated to become a real Sri Lankan traditional mask.

Later on, you can buy the one or other mask in the shop.  Or just give a voluntary donation for this great tour if you feel happy.


Can be combined with some shopping in Ambalangoda, Tsunami Museum or Hikkaduwa from our activities section.

Further Information

Grab additional comprehensive information from the Ariyapala Website directly.