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Traditional Catamaran Safari

A great hidden adventure.
Easy going. Alone or with the whole family on traditional catamaran.

2 hours trip 5:00am or 5:00pam / Great untouched nature with hundreds of birds!

What to discover

A traditional catamaran safari at the best times of the day - the blue or golden hours before the sun rises or sets.

It is such a romantic atmosphere around these times - very beautiful.You just have to go behind the pool house of our resort to get on the traditional catamaran in the Kosgoda River at 5am or 5pm.

Enjoy a quiet, peaceful ride on this river and watch the wildlife in nature.

For sunset we will stop at the beach to watch it and take some souvenir photos.

The highlight is when after its getting dark hundreds of white birds are flying to a special plant by the river to save a spot for spending the night there.

You will also see some bats which fly across the river and other animals at chance.

It’s really a must see & must do while staying with us!


Take your camera or smartphone for your unique souvenir photos and videos.

It is organized by our sister property Happy Man Village in Kosgoda. Let us know in advance to organize it properly for you.

Further Information

In addition you can find useful information about Kosgoda on WikiPedia and than further our sister property FaceBook page.