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Tsunami Photo Museum & Education Center

Sri Lanka was one of the most affected by the wave in 2004. 

Nearly 50,000 people died, 10,000 went missing and 500,000 became homeless.

WHAT to discover

Especially, the people at the coastline were left with nothing after the decline of the water. Where once had been houses, there were only rubble heaps. The story will be told by the owner of the museum, who previously lived at the exact same spot where the museum stands today before the tsunami.

Not only show the photos rubble piles, destroyed roads and vehicles but also the people who fell victim to the tidal wave. This visit lets you imagine the unimaginable event and empathize with the all the people having to go through such a catastrophy.

The museum is free of charge but there is a donation box for voluntary donations. 

After the museum we will stop at the Tsunami monument & Buddha statue.


Hikkaduwa is close by and you can enjoy a beach bar, shopping or swimming with the turtles at Hikkaduwa beach.

Further Information

You can take a lot of further information for this devastating event from the Wikipedia article.